The Waller County Animal Control Division is a division of the Waller County Sheriff’s Office and has the responsibility of enforcing ordinances relating to the control, impoundment and disposition of domestic animals, such as canines (dogs), felines (cats), and in some circumstances wildlife, this also includes any animal cruelty investigations in the jurisdiction of Waller County.

Daily operations of the Waller County Animal Control Division are supervised by Animal Control Officer/ Supervisor (ACO) Wesley Martin, who is also the rabies authority for Waller County, along with Assistant Animal Control Officer Gary Garrison, and is overseen by Sheriff R. Glenn Smith.

Domestic animals, in the care and custody of Waller County Animal Control, are documented and held in accordance to Texas state laws and local county ordinances. The state law of Texas requires domestic animals, regardless of how they came to be in our custody, be held for a minimum of 3 days once in our possession. However, the Waller County ordinance exceeds the minimum 3 days required by the state, and requires that domestic animals must be held for 5 days once the animal is in our care and custody. There are certain situations, such as when an animal is injured or ill, the Animal Control Officer has the authority to exercise discretion on the amount of time the animal can be safety and/or humanely kept in our custody, thus the animal may not be able to be held the 5 days per county ordinance in those instances.

 When the Waller County Animal Control Division takes custody of a domestic animal, regardless of how the animal came into our care, every effort is made by our office to locate and reunite the animal with its owner. In the event the owner cannot be located, and the animal is not claimed, we make every effort to find a new home for the animal when possible, or contact an animal rescue who can take possession of the animal and continue to provide it with the appropriate care until they can locate a permanent home for the animal. The Waller County Animal Control Division maintains a Facebook page and website, both of which may be utilized to list unclaimed domestic animals in our custody in hopes of reuniting them with their owners.

In the event the Waller County Animal Control Division may have possession of an animal that belongs to you, please contact our office as soon as possible, at (979) 826-8282, to have an ACO contact you and arrange to reunite you with your animal. Once your animal has been taken into our custody, you may incur a $10.00/day fee, which is used to cover the cost of housing, feeding and caring for the animal during the time it is in our possession. This fee is to be paid to our ACO at the time you are reunited with your animal. There are certain circumstances when additional fees may be incurred and our ACO will advise you of this if it pertains to your individual situation.

Again, the Waller County Animal Control Division would like to reiterate that we make every effort to reunite animals with their respective owners and when an animal come into our custody, it is always our hope to locate their owner and reunite them.  

The Waller County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control Unit is under the command of Lieutenant Brian Nichols.  The Animal Control Officer is Wesley Martin.  The Assistant Animal Control Office is Gary Garrison.  Officer Martin serves as the Rabies Control Authority for Waller County.

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for animal related questions and calls for service.


Service calls include:

Animal Cruelty and Abuse

Animal Fighting

Bite Incidents

Injured Animals

Stray Animals

Nuisance Wildlife

Animal Control works closely with both the Texas Department of Health and the Houston Area SPCA.  We promote responsible pet ownership by hosting rabies and micro-chipping clinics on a regular basis.  For more information, please contact us at the information below:

Phone: 979-826-8282

Wesley Martin

Gary Garrison


  For more information, please go to the Waller County site,, then select Animal Control.