Civil Process Service is overseen by:

Deputy Bernie Renken


The Waller County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving approximately 1,000 civil papers each year.  The papers served consist mostly of court subpoenas, but also include various legal documents.

It is important to note that service is often delayed due to incorrect contact information or due to individuals trying to avoid being served.  If you know of someone in need of service, please contact Deputy Renken with information on their whereabouts.



Waller County Sheriff’s Office Fee Schedule


Notices:                                               Fee



Subpoenas                                         $75.00


Summons                                          $75.00


Writ of Attachment                         $200.00


Writ of Garnishment                      $75.00


Writ of Sequestration                     $200.00


Orders of Sale                                   $200.00


Writ of Possession                           $200.00


Forcible Detainer                             $75.00




Service Fees:                                     Fee


Small Claims Citation                       $75.00


Justice Court Citation                       $75.00


All Other Courts’ Citations              $75.00




Other Service Fees:                        Fee


Injunction                                           $60.00


Notice                                                   $60.00


Posting                                                 $60.00


Precept                                                 $60.00


Publication                                          $60.00


Restraining Order                              $75.00


Show Cause                                         $75.00


Writs of Execution                             $200.00


Habeas Corpus                                   $150.00


Writ of Restitution                            $150.00


Notice of Application                        $25.00


Delivery Bond                                     $25.00


Replevy Bond                                     $50.00


Trustee Sale                                        $75.00


Execution of a Deed                          $25.00


Execution of a Bill of Sale                $25.00


Any other Non-Writ                          $75.00


Any other Writ                                   $200.00



 Commissions:  5 percent, not to exceed $500.00.