Waller County Communications Division


Telecommunication Officers are the lifeline of the Sheriff's Office




Communications Division Supervisor

Dana Hicks Lewis


Senior Communications Officers:


Donna Mace     Deputy Zully Moreno     Sara Armstrong



Telecommunications Officers:


Robert Fife     Blake Busse     Starla Wynn


Austin Kelley     Shelby Webb     Rosemary Spurling


Shelly Cunningham (PT)    Deadra Santee (PT)



The Communications Division (AKA Dispatch) is under the command of Supervisor Dana Lewis.  There are eleven full-time telecommunications officers and three part-time telecommunications officers. The main telephone line to the Waller County Sheriff's Office is (979)826-8282.  Telecommunications Officers with the Waller County Sheriff's Office dispatches eight Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, as well as ten Law Enforcement Agencies.  Their responsibilities include the entry of warrants, entry of stolen vehicles and articles, entry of missing persons, and the confirmation of wanted and stolen hit requests throughout the nation.


Telecommunications Officers receive extensive training to ask certain questions and to obtain certain information from callers depending on the types of calls received. Telecommunications Officers are required to be certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety and must maintain additional training requirements. 


The Waller County Sheriff's Office Telecommunications Officers have taught students at local schools about 911 calls, emergency and non-emergency calls. Students are taught the important information they need to know to assist in quicker response times for Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire Departments. All children need to know their home's physical address in case of an emergency, including telephone numbers for their parents or guardians. There have been several incidents where children have had to call 911 due an adult or parent being incompacitated and unable to call for emergency services. Children having this knowledge and the knowledge to call 911 in case of emergencies have saved their loved one's lives.