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The Jail Division is under the command of Chief Deputy Brian Cantrell. The mission of Waller County Sheriff's Office Jail Division is to maintain social order and provide professional detention services within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits. WCSO Jail has as its prime goal the operation of a safe, humane, and cost effective facility that provides a place of confinement, punishment, and an opportunity for reflective thought and positive change. WCSO Jail recognizes that no detention facility can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves.  WCSO Jail actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of citizens to reduce the opportunities for crime, while maximizing use of existing resources.




Visitation times are on Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Visitation periods are (20) minutes in length


All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list


Visitors must have valid identification


Visitors under the age of 18 years may only visit when accompanied by a parent or guardian


Visitors on active probation, parole, or with a criminal history may be allowed to visit with prior approval of the jail administrator


Persons believed by substantial evidence to have a potentially detrimental effect on the inmate or to constitute a threat to the security of the facility will be excluded from an approved visiting list




Denial or Termination of a Visit


Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Insufficient visitation space available to accommodate all visitors safely


Refusal by a visitor to submit to search procedures


Refusal or failure to produce sufficient identification for purposes of registration, or the falsifying of identifying information by a visitor


Violation of institutional rules by a visitor or inmate


Failure to prevent children from disturbing other persons in the visiting area


Inappropriate display of affection, suggestive activity, or inappropriate dress


Any other conduct or conditions deemed by the shift supervisor and/or Jail Administrator to be disruptive to visiting operations or to security and good order


Visitors will not be allowed to visit an inmate who has had visitation privileges restricted due to the jail disciplinary process


Please use the following link to search the VINElink National Victim Notification Network.  VINElink can be used to search for persons in custody as well as to register to be notified when an inmates status changes.


This additional link provides access to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Victim Notification Program which provides information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody.


The link below will take you to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry.  This database provides the public information on registered sex offenders living in your area.




Commissary Rules


The facility provides an inmate commissary that allows for the purchase of various items with funds from an individual inmate account


Purchases from the commissary are made from monies in individual inmate accounts, and there is no actual transfer of legal tender


To place funds on an inmate’s commissary account send money orders only to P.O. Box 591, Hempstead, Texas 77445. Be sure to place the inmates name and SO# on the money order.





Telephone Communication


Waller County Sheriff’s Office Jail provides privileged, monitored, and limited telephone access to eligible inmates under humane conditions while maintaining the security integrity of the facility


Inmate access and use of telephones is limited to those inmates that are compliant with facility rules and procedures, and do not pose a risk to self, other inmates, or officers


Friends and families of inmates may establish an inmate telephone account through GTL by contacting (800)483-8314






Correspondence Rules


Inmates are reasonably allowed to correspond with their attorney, family, friends, officials, and other significant contacts with a minimum of interference, as long as the correspondence is carried on in a manner consistent with the rules of the facility


Incoming and outgoing, non-privileged mail may be opened, inspected and read for contraband, inappropriate content, or other violation of facility rules or the law


Incoming and outgoing correspondence is censored or rejected on case by case basis; if it contains items including, but not limited to the following:


     Information regarding manufacture of explosives, weapons or drugs


     Material that may tend to encourage or assist in disrupting the orderly operation of the   

     facility, work  stoppage, or other breech of institutional rules


     Material that would encourage deviant sexual behavior


     Pornographic or sexual material


     Gang or hate oriented material


     Instructions in escape, explosive or weapon use


     Relating to law enforcement, military, or jail procedures or operations


     Any other material deemed inappropriate


All incoming correspondence should be addressed to 701 Calvit Street, Hempstead, Texas 77445.  Be sure to  include the inmate’s full name and SO #.