Through the Texas Public Information Act many records retained by our agency are considered “public” and can be obtained by submitting a written request for these records to the Custodian of Records at The Waller County Sheriff’s Office. These “public” records also include crash reports and the same procedure is required when requesting one of those reports.


When submitting a request for records available through Texas Public Information Act please submit the request to the Waller County Sheriff’s Office in writing and include a description of the information you are requesting, as well as your contact information so that we may contact you regarding any fees for processing your request.


As per the Texas Public Information Act, please allow up to ten working days for your request to be processed and to receive either the records you have formally requested or anestimated date and time that the records will be made available.

Submit all written requests for public records by mail to:


Waller County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Records

701 Calvit Street

Hempstead, TX 77445




For more information on the Texas Public Information Act please refer to the links below or the Attorney General of Texas website.